Crop Minder – Baseline

Crop Minder – Baseline is an advanced agricultural fertigation system that revolutionizes nutrient management practices for optimized crop nutrition. It is a single venture system that uses a single channel to control up to 5 zones and is suitable for up to 5 acres of land. It comes with two sensors – a Soil Minder and a Weather Minder. 


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  • Integrated Sensor System: It incorporates a comprehensive set of sensors, including soil moisture sensors and weather sensors, to provide you with real-time data insights on soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop health.
  • Seamless Data Transmission: It utilizes IoT technology to wirelessly transmit data from the sensors to the cloud in real-time. This ensures that you have instant access to critical information anytime, anywhere through the mobile app.
  • User-Friendly Mobile App: The mobile app offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor sensor data, view historical records and receive actionable recommendations. The intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and customize settings according to your specific needs.
  • Optimal Irrigation and Fertigation: With this device, you can precisely manage irrigation and fertigation practices based on real-time soil moisture data, weather conditions and crop health insights. This helps you avoid under or over-watering, optimize nutrient delivery and promote healthier plant growth.
  • Alerts and Notifications: It keeps you informed with customizable alerts and notifications. Whether it’s a sudden drop in soil moisture, extreme weather conditions, or critical crop health indicators, you will receive timely notifications to take appropriate actions.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: The remote monitoring and control feature enables you to access and manage your system remotely. You can monitor sensor data, adjust settings and troubleshoot issues from your mobile device, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Data Analysis and Insights: It allows you to analyze historical data, track trends and gain valuable insights into your farm’s performance. By understanding soil and weather patterns, as well as crop health trends, you can make informed decisions to optimize your farming practices.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: The system is designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance. The sensors can be quickly deployed in the field and the system requires minimal calibration and configuration, allowing you to focus on farming activities.

  1. Integrated Data Insights: Crop Minder – Baseline brings together data from Soil Minder, Weather Minder, and Foliage Minder to provide a comprehensive understanding of soil conditions, weather patterns, and foliage health. This integrated data offers valuable insights for informed Crop decisions.
  2. Seamless IoT Connectivity: Leveraging IoT technology, Crop Minder – Baseline wirelessly transmits data from the sensors to the cloud in real-time. This enables farmers to remotely monitor and control the Crop process through the user-friendly mobile app interface.
  3. Cloud Data Storage: All data collected by Crop Minder – Baseline is securely stored in the cloud, allowing farmers to access historical records, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions for long-term Crop strategies. This ensures precise nutrient management and irrigation scheduling.
  4. Mobile App Convenience: Crop Minder – Baseline’s mobile app interface provides real-time data and insights at your fingertips. Farmers can effortlessly monitor soil conditions, weather data, foliage health, and Crop parameters on their smartphones or tablets. The app also enables remote control and adjustments for enhanced convenience.
  5. Reliable 4G Network Connectivity: Crop Minder – Baseline utilizes the reliable 4G network for fast and stable data transmission. This ensures instant access to real-time information and enables timely adjustments to irrigation timing and nutrient delivery.
  6. Auto and Scheduled Modes: Crop Minder – Baseline offers both auto and scheduled modes for fertigation management. In auto mode, the system uses real-time data from the integrated sensors to automatically adjust irrigation timing and nutrient delivery based on predefined thresholds. In scheduled mode, farmers can set customized fertigation schedules for specific zones or crops.
  7. Multiple Zone Control: With the capability to control 4 to 6 zone areas, Fertigation Minder allows farmers to manage different sections of their fields independently. This enables precise irrigation and nutrient delivery tailored to the specific needs of each zone or crop.
  8. Precise Nutrient Management: Crop Minder – Baseline optimizes nutrient delivery in irrigation pipelines by leveraging integrated data insights. By continuously monitoring soil conditions and foliage health, the system ensures the right nutrients are provided at the right time, maximizing crop productivity while minimizing waste.
  9. Remote Monitoring and Control: Crop Minder – Baseline empowers farmers with remote monitoring and control capabilities. Through the mobile app, farmers can monitor real-time data, adjust fertigation parameters, and receive notifications and alerts. This enables proactive intervention and timely responses when necessary.
  10. Easy Installation and Setup: Crop Minder – Baseline is designed for easy installation and setup. The sensors can be quickly deployed in the field, and the system requires minimal calibration and configuration, allowing farmers to optimize their fertigation practices without unnecessary complexities.

Elevate your farm practices with Crop Minder – Baseline. Unlock the potential of integrated data insights, precise nutrient management, and remote control capabilities to enhance crop health and maximize yields in multiple zone areas. Experience the future of efficient and sustainable agriculture with Crop Minder – Baseline.

  • Sensor Calibration: Follow the calibration instructions provided for each sensor type to ensure accurate data collection.
  • Thresholds and Alerts: Set up thresholds for soil moisture, weather conditions and crop health indicators to receive alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met.
  • Data Logging: Configure data logging settings to determine the frequency and duration of data recording for each sensor.
  • Remote Access: Enable remote monitoring and control features to access your system from anywhere using the mobile app.
  • Data Visualization: Customize the way sensor data is displayed in the mobile app, such as selecting the preferred units of measurement and adjusting the graphical representation of data. Refer to the “Configuration” section of this user manual for detailed instructions on how to configure these and other settings within the Tayrix mobile app.
  • Soil Temperature
  • Soil Moisture
  • pH
  • EC
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Solar Radiation
  • Atmospheric/Barometric/ Pressure
Product NameCrop Minder Baseline
Irrigation TypeIoT-Based
Number of Nutrient Channels1 Channel (Single)
Solenoids for ZonesControl up to 5 zones with solenoid valves
Coverage AreaSuitable for 80-100 acres of land
Sensors Included*– Soil Minder (Sensor)

– Weather Minder (Sensor)*

Irrigation Modes– Schedule Mode (automated irrigation based on predefined schedules)

– Manual Mode (user-initiated irrigation control)

IoT ConnectivityAvailable (Wi-Fi/Cellular/LoRa)
CompatibilitySuitable for up to 5 acres of land
Fertigation CapabilitySupports precise nutrient delivery
DIY KitIncludes components, tools, and assembly instructions for DIY installation
Control and MonitoringRemote control and real-time monitoring
User InterfaceWeb-based dashboard and mobile app
Data Analysis and AlertsAdvanced analytics and customizable alerts
Weather IntegrationReal-time weather data integration
Soil Health MonitoringContinuous soil health assessment
Power SupplyExternal power source (plug-in)
DimensionsCustomizable based on user requirements
Additional Features– Water-saving mode

– Nutrient optimization

WarrantyManufacturer’s warranty


Crop Minder – Baseline is an advanced agricultural fertigation system that revolutionizes nutrient management practices for optimized crop nutrition. It is a single venture system that uses a single channel to control up to 5 zones and is suitable for up to 5 acres of land. It comes with two sensors – a Soil Minder and a Weather Minder. 


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